What's this (spurious percussion staff?) and how to get rid of it?

Creating a new score, default, solo piano template, did not knowingly change anything. What is this line below the grand staff, it looks like a percussion staff? How did it get there and how to get rid of it?

No idea TBH. Can you share the project itself?

Do you get the same result if you quit Dorico, restart it and then create a new score, default, solo piano template?

Sure. It’s an empty project created after starting Dorico, at the hub clicking Create New then Solo Piano.
Untitled Project 3.dorico (528.1 KB)

Yes. Uploaded project.

Is the project you uploaded the one you reported on or a new project?
My question was intended to find out if the behaviour was consistent, which might indicate something unintended with the default settings/templates/options. etc.

I don’t have time to look in detail, but if you reset Library Manager to Defaults, it disappears.

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With the Full score layout selected, in Layout Options > Markers and Timecode,


uncheck Show markers


change Vertical position: > Timecode staff to Above system or Below system

You might find that the Piano layout behaves a little differently than the Full score layout.

It happened twice in a row the same way, starting Dorico, Solo Piano from the default template.

Thank you I will! I jumped straight into using Dorico for production without time to learn all the little nuances. Sure appreciate your help!

It sounds like Layout Options > Markers and Timecode > Vertical position: has been saved as a default when Timecode staff was selected. Select Above system and click on Save as Default.

To reset Library Manager:

Go to Library > Library Manager.
In the top left-hand corner, click on the red sign after Options.
It will change to a green left-pointing arrow.
Click on Apply (bottom right-hand corner).