What's up for the near future?

So I just read the feature list of the upcoming (spring) update of the one main DAW competitor. And it looks awesome.
I guess that list of features makes people wait investing in an IOS daw until it appaears in store.
Can you Steinberg guys can give us some information of what to expect in the next few months?

I was thinking the same and came here looking for any info. Cubasis was updated almost every month in the early days, but it has now been a couple of months(I know, it was Christmas, I understand!). But that other DAW looks to be overtaking in many areas, and it would be nice, as a long time Cubase/Cubasis user, to hear what is planned to keep up or keep ahead. Maybe you are waiting for NAMM to make an announcement?

As you know minor updates will happen often
but major updates take time… However… Feedback from Steinberg is welcomed
Obviously progress report on current issues as well as acknowledgments is always a good thing too.

And with all of that comes our support for the product to mature and gain further support from our feedback and reviews which in turn generate sales.

Not to be too negative here but it seems like when I purchased Cubasis on the day it was released for $50, the response by many was that way too many features were missing from the original app release and the updates have been to just add those features that should already have come with Cubasis. I think this app should sell for under $20 for the type of sound you get from Cubasis. I can never really get a pro polished sound from Cubasis and I find myself just loading every IAA to try to get the sound and mixing control I need in my tracks. As for the other Daw mentioned I use it everyday and it still sounds ahead of it’s time and with the new Fabfilter Twin2 synth and FULL midi, I’m more excited than a kid on his birthday. So what’s going to bring out the kid in me in Cubasis2?

Hi all,

First of all thank you very much for sharing your opinions with us regarding the future of Cubasis.

I would like to take a look at what we have achieved so far in order to give you a better idea of what to expect from us in the future.

From the introduction of Cubasis back in December ’12 up to now (Jan ’15) we’ve released 15 feature-laden Cubasis updates with an average of 20 or more topics included in each release. It has always been and continues to be our main goal to meet our users’ expectations and retain customer satisfaction, and this is achieved by keeping the best possible balance between feature requests, usability improvements and maintenance releases.

As already mentioned by others, major feature updates take time (do not forget that Cubasis included both audio and MIDI support right from the start), therefore we think there is no need to worry.

With the experience we have gained, we know that we need to give you the best possible user experience by continuing to expand on Cubasis’ capabilities.

Best wishes,


Lars thanks for your reply.
I’m sure Cubasis is going to react with new features and keep up with the competition.
But the question is what that reaction will be, in other words: what are the features we can expect in the next update en above all when?
To know what and when “the other DAW” will come up with could make new users/buyers hold off from buying Cubasis at this moment.

I have never seen Steinberg announcing new features before a release. But its representatives sometimes gives you a hint, like this one:


Better instruments and effects are a given for version 2, I think. And I’m sure that the most requested features in this forum will be there too.

I have always maintain that Cubasis was over price for what you get. With regard to update its far and few now , in the beginning it was to be a monthly update excluding bug fixes, it seems it’s every three months now.
Any indication as to what’s in the next update would be appreciated.

Just curious which of the “one main DAW competitors” is getting a spring update is being referred to here …

I would settle for stability and functionality rather than features right now…
Specifically timing issues…
I feel cubasis interface and manipulation has a nice work flow to it…
but when it comes to production… if it dont record and playback exactly what you perform
That kils the beast.

I have tryed every thing that can be done on 2 separate ipads with latest updates and even went as far
as a hard reset and made cubasis the only app.
same problem with timing especial when recording midi loops as shown here http://youtu.be/msUpDnNpLO4
(only the first 40 seconds is relevant to the problem at hand)
So thats where im at right now. :unamused:

Re: What’s up for the near future?
Postby DenisSalois » Wed Jan 21, 2015 1:39 pm

Just curious which of the “one main DAW competitors” is getting a spring update is being referred to here …

Auria are adding MIDI . Interesting, but not a free update … They’ve built things so that the cheaper versions of the app can all be upgraded to the flagship version. So everyone will be paying for MIDI support. Which is fair enough in my book!

“Adding MIDI” is really a very short version of saying “Adding full-blown MIDI support rivalling or besting that of many full-blown Desktop DAWs”, among many other things :wink: