What's up for you in 2011?

Just post to ask what you are up to, expectations and plans this year.

My plans are to pretty much carry on doing what I normally do and learn the kit I have
inside out, no more kit purchases for a while, need to recoup the recent outlays.
Looking forward to spring time and getting some Marigold seedlings on the go.

Various projects in the pipeline mastering wise, with some HipHop, World Music and drum and bass
track going through the studio this week.


Well, it’s been an interesting start to the year for me.
Just taking a small break from the current project - mixing an album with a Kora and a full Bluesy/Jazz type backing band - fascinating, and something I have never done before. Great players too & a really nice project to be involved with - I’m now trying to talk them into some 5.1 mixes as well.

Our big thing for this year is going to be a huge investment in Blu Ray authoring tools.
We’re kitting up with Scenarist BD, BD-J, BD-Live, CineVision Pro etc - the whole bloody thing.
Hopefully it will pay off…it’s a scary amount of money.
(and for this package support alone for just the software is £3,750 plus VAT!)

That aside, more gear - I want another fader pack for my ID, the surround joystick, another UAD-2 Quad & some bigger screens for monitors…that should do it, I reckon.

Well I wish you sincerely good luck with that Neil, I am sure you will do it you seem like a resourceful chap
who knows what he is doing.

Let us know how it goes, I am spent a small fortune over the last 5 months on eq, comp and new PC, but thats what we do I guess, and like any small businesses they are calculated risks.

I have to say some of the new UAD stuff is getting my attention but it’s a relatively high
cost of entry compared with other deveopers. I think it’s around £500.00 for a solo and 1 top end new plugin. :open_mouth:

Well I am pleased to say my year is going well business wise so far since this post. Both new and returning
clients which is really great news, especially in the continued economic uncertainty.

Plans include learning Wavelab 7 (oh it’s hard to find the time, so much other stuff to do)
I must install the new update too. I keep putting this off again and again and it will bit me in the butt
if my old machine breaks down.

Keep meaning to put back a power amplifier that I have ripped apart and am rebuilding with new parts as well
but thats a winters evening kind of project I think.


I am going to have to disagree here, as I just do not accept the UAD stuff is expensive.
Where else can I get 2 MMP (standard & mastering) as well as a UAD-2 Quad for £1500?
And once I have the card the rest is cheap as chips considering the quality of them & the simplicity of their system.

We dumped Scenarist BD as an idea (far too expensive & their support is dodgy beyond words) in favour of a rival, so saved a lot of money & will be getting another 1 or maybe 2 UAD-2 Quads, along with the A800 & Lexicon 224 plugins.

Hi Neil
How about this bigger 17:6 screen? If it only wasn’t that expensive, still…


Looks great, and it’s not that expensive.
Not really.
The only problem I have with it is that it is this new “ultra-wide” ratio suited to major films really…
I think I will stick to a good 16:9 type for the moment…

For me, it combines the advantages of getting rid of the 2 monitors screen split and it is not as high as the 16:9 or larger 27" screens. This is handy, because when you are mixing surround, there is nothing (or much less) in the way between you and the center. I’ll wait a while and with the next studio modification I will snatch one, I guess.

It’s a plug in and therefore I feel it is costly for a plugin.

Buying old hat DSP called “an accellerator” thats ironic… it’s a dongle.

I wish there was an emulation of something other than the MP as well. I was not taken with
fiddling with the 4K original never mind the emulation of it.

I have an interest in the UAD stuff still but it needs to up the “value” ante IMO.

Never forget it is software and that is a different paradigm.

I have had a change of view on the UAD, you are right it is not that expensive.

At least if it sounds as good as everyone says, that A800 got my interest !

I was looking at that JRRShop with a Solo flexi ($500.00 voucher included)