What's up with Channel Filters?

There are key commands for the mixconsole that filter channels. They work like a charm.

Why don’t those key commands also work for the project window? It would be so awesome. The workaround is to have sync project & mixconsole enabled, make your selection in the project, F3 to move focus to the mixconsole, give command, switch focus back to project to continue.

Is this an oversight? By design? I mean all the pieces are there.

Have you experimented with the Project Logical Editor yet?

It allows you to do all kinds of visibility (and other) operations – including more sophisticated stuff beyond just track types.

That in combination with remote control commands and/or macros allow for rather powerful project manipulations.

I have some presets for the PLE, yes, it’s very powerful in specific cases. What I’m talking about is quick and dirty visibility agents / channel filters.

From left to right: Mixconsole Filter Channel Types, Project Filter Track Types, key commands under Mixer category.

Now, if you have these options selected:


You’ll see that those Key Commands on the right (which are toggles by the way and not only Hide) when fired in the mixconsole they update the project’s visibility as well. I love it! :ok_hand:t3: :bomb:

My question is this: Since ALL of the commands on the right work in the project when fired from the mixconsole, except for Hide: Inputs and Hide:Outputs (in the project window they fall under the Other Tracks option), why are those key commands under the Mixer category and don’t pack up and go to Channel & Track Visibilty category instead, so we could call them from the project window too.

I mean it’s a job well-done, why not extend it to its fullest? Is there some clash that I’m not seeing? With “Sync Track/Channel Type Filters” off only the window that has focus would get the command. But when it’s on, wouldn’t you expect the sync to apply both ways?

I’m not arguing against what you would like to see. :smiley:

That’s what they say to crazy people. :rofl:

Thank you for your interest! :+1:t2:

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