What's up with "Dampers Off" layer in piano programs?

Hi guys

I see that all the piano programs contain a Dampers Off layer, but I can’t figured out what’s up with that. First I thought this layer contains samples that are used when the sustain pedal is pressed, but it seems that’s not the case. Then I searched the manual but I couldn’t find anything about this.
Any idea?



Wow! This forum looks dead! Two months later and nobody pianist or sound programmer here? :astonished:

Well, I’m not a pianist but I hope the following helps you:

  1. Click on Edit > Zone > Sample Osc > Loop Tab
  2. Expand the Program Tree
  3. Select layers ‘Dampers’ and ‘Dampers Off’ alternately, what can you see? Perhaps this article also helps you:

However, the most important question for me about piano sounds in Halion would be: Where are the string resonance parameters? I’ve played hard and soft pianos and they have dedicated effects or parameters for the string resonance (sometimes hidden algorithms). I cannot find them in Halion. I’m not sure if that’s the reason why piano sounds aren’t convincing me when I play several keys simultaneously :frowning:

Any idea?

Hi javi
Thanks for the reply

Unfortunately (and unbelievably) this forum is almost dead indeed. :frowning:
And you’re also right with the string resonance parameters question.

Now, on the Dampers/Dampers Off thing, it looks like the Dampers layer contains all the samples up to G5 and the Dampers Off layer contains the remaining samples (from G5 upwards). But I can’t see the reason behind this. It doesn’t make any sense to me.

In a real piano lower keys have more sustain than upper keys and damper pedal shouldn’t work in these keys. Why G5 exactly? Well, this question should go for the piano sound programmer.

:smiley: German stereotype? It could be true or wrong. In general, there’re stereotypes for every country. I think there’re good and bad people in any country. I don’t complain Steinberg support. Until the moment it was good. I also have a few questions without answer in Steinberg forum, perhaps:

  1. Nobody knows the answer
  2. Somebody knows the answer but thinks it’s answered by reading manual or looking for information on the internet
  3. People don’t spend the time with forum


About G5 issue, perhaps this thread helps you:

P.S. Sorry I’m late :wink: I wasn’t interested in this issue but I remembered it when I read the above post

Thank you, javi! :wink: