What's up with Range Tool & Silence Insert?

In N7, if I want to clean up a track and omit low grade sounds/noise, I just use the range tool (which only effects the tracks I choose) to select the area I want silent, then I press the insert silence KC button. Results? I have a section of silence within the track event.

In N8.2, accessing the range tool expands to ALL EVENTS, even though it may only be effecting ONE TRACK! This is very disorienting. But even before that, as soon as I start setting up the range, the start locate marker jumps to the start of my range and then stops where I stop. WHY is it doing that?

In any case, I reset the start and end points and go to the single track I want to insert the silence. When I press my “insert silence KC,” That section GETS CUT! If I’d wanted to cut it, I’d have split the event at those 2 points. What’s going on, is this a bug?

Sorry not understanding this… As far as I can tell no bug here. Do you have ‘cycle follows range selection’ active?

Range tool selects correctly on a single track. No problem here. Using ‘Edit / Range / Insert silence’ cuts the event. Using ‘Audio / Processing / Silence’ inserts silence within the event.

THANKS! I wasn’t aware of this difference. In N7, it’s just marked silence. I didn’t realize that there were 2 of them. I’ve made the adjustments. Works fine now. :smiley:

Spoke too soon. “Processing Silence” still not working in N8.2. It worked ok in my template test. But when I went back to the projectthat made me discover the issue, it didn’t work. I got the error message saying the event I wanted to edit was used by other events and did I want to make a new version. I selected new version and NOTHING HAPPENED. So, I tried loading in the original file to make the adjustment. The warning message asked if I wanted to have the process effect all versions. I selected all versions and NOTHING HAPPENED! I rebooted N8.2 and tried again, zip. I just keep going in circles. I try to process an event. It asks me if I want to process and event. I say yes and NOTHING HAPPENS! :astonished:

Insert Silence works just fine. But I don’t want to cut the event. I need the process silence tool to work!

Any ideas on how to break this cycle?

I don’t get it. I re-opened the project in N7.1.4 and the Silence processor works just fine. I open the same project in N8.2, no Silence processor.

I don’t want to have to keep going between N7 and N8. I would like to just migrate to 8.2 and move on. But these issues keep sending me back to 7. This is really annoying. :frowning:

Maybe try using ‘Audio / Processing / Silence’ with the DOP window open so you can see what’s going on.

It’s sorted out now. I consolidated (bounced) the problematic tracks in N7. Now, when I tried it, “(processed) Silence” now worked as expected in N8.2. Thanks so much for your help, much appreciated!! :smiley:

Hey, glad you got it sorted.