What's up with the "Include folders and subfolders" button?

I was freaking out that all of the factory presets are gone because it have happened to me before. I didn’t pay attention to this button. Isn’t it supposed to show more results than less? I don’t get it.



I have nearly the exact opposite behavior as you, this, using the 13.0.41 latest update.

So, I would suggest trying to launch Cubase in safe mode, using the Disable program preferences option. Additionaly, maybe it’s worth trying a rescan of the different involved presets locations in MediaBay.

Nah, it is just Cubase’s media bay and the preset management system is a complete mess. Hangs at startup, rescans on reopening. I don’t use it. They should learn from other VSTi like Serum or U-he, how to manage presets.

I mostly agree and have also always thought that MediaBay and the VST3 presets management have been more or less broken since its introduction with Cubase 4.0 and no true improvement gave me a reason to change my mind, through the years.

That’s why I use the Mediabay ONLY to manage Cubase bundled pug-ins presets. All the others, including VST3 ones such as Arturia, are managed directly in the third party plug-in itself. That’s the state of the affair, sadly, more than 15 years after.

This said, I often have to use MediaBay to solve issues like yours, usually (but not always) with success. And I love Cubase for too many other reasons to definitely get rid of the whole thing…

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