What's up with the Multiple Windows?

The new “Multiple Windows” view of Nuendo 7 is very distracting and causing me a loss of a lot of “real estate.” I don’t need a permanent view of the VST Instruments/Media Bay.

I DO NEED MY ENTIRE PROJECT WINDOW! Is there any way to hide this window? I’m losing a third of my work space!

ALL of the other versions had an “environment screen” that allowed me to spread across 2 monitors. I put the mixer on the left and the project window on the right. Everything else stayed hidden untiI needed to look at it. I would very much like to keep it that way. But now I’ve got this floating N7, one screen only, tool bar and 2 more independent screens for the mixer and project window. This layout doesn’t make any sense to me. Is there some preference I can re-set to get all of my screens back into a single environment?

You can hide the media bay / vst instruments in the layout settings (second button on the top left). Maybe you should setup different workspaces with different window layouts.

Thanks a lot! :wink: I had just found a solution from this post. remove VST instrument/mediabay - Nuendo - Steinberg Forums
Either way works for me. Thanks again.