What's up with the notepad? Can anyone confirm?

I like to make notes on the settings that I make for any of my plugins on each individual channel via the notepad. Up through N6.5 this was a simple process. You typed your note then you clicked anywhere on the screen to get OUT of the notepad and go back to work.

Now when you’re in the note pad, the cursor won’t come out! :open_mouth: You have to mouse/trackball completely out of Nuendo altogether, right click onto the desktop menu and scroll down like some kind of virtual bridge back into Nuendo (WTH???). Can anybody confirm this behaviour on their systems for me? This is really strange!

Not seeing that here. As a workaround, you could try pressing the escape key to take the focus out of the notepad.

Thanks, that worked. Can you copy text from one pad to another?

Definitely happening here. Once I type anything into the Notepad the curser is unavailable in Nuendo until you use Escape or shift focus from Nuendo and back again. Also, can only copy and paste from one notepad to another with key commands.
Is it possible this is perhaps a Windows only issue and that Stingray is on a Mac?

No clue. How can you copy & paste with KC without first enclosing the text with a range tool? I can’t even get that to work! As to the Mac v PC question, I don’t know. Are the Macs showing that jittery time display issue like the PC’s? Neither of these problems exist in N6.5. So, clearly, they’ve got some serious patching to do!

You use Shift and the arrow keys to highlight the text. Very basic windows stuff.

Thanks, I’ve always used the right click access method, which lets you just drag across the text. I didn’t know about this other option.

I also have this problem, the mouse pointer is gone when I go into the notepad.

This threw me first time out too as you lose the cursor.
All you have to do is left-click in the notepad again once you have written your text & it changes from the white background (active) to the grey one.