Whats up with the transport bar

For as long as i can remember cubase has a floating transportbar. What is the reason why they did not implement this in the main interface. Whats up with that.

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If you can,t reply without saying something normal then don,t reply.
A few of the transport functions are already a part of the interface i now this.
But not ‘‘all’’ the functions from the floating transportbar are a part of the main interface (you can add and remove functions i now this).
What i,am trying to say is that make the floating transport bar not a default option.
Put ‘‘all’’ the floating transport bar options a default in the main interface.

You are right.
My answer was inapropriate since i misinterpreted the question.
My apologies.

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Agreed… The top toolbar needs to have all of the options seen on the transport bar.

Please show some love for the feature request I posted in the link below.


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I would like this as well. Another annoyance is that if you hit F2 and get rid of the Transport bar, it comes back the next time you load in. I should be able to save a song without it and it stays that way when I reload the song or project.

We can add a lot to the toolbar but not all the features of the transport bar. So if SB would add that feature would it be the end of the transport bar? I like the transport bar especially for the master level and midi. How would that work? Would the toolbar become too busy or should SB add them as optional/customizable by the user? :bulb:
Let’s not forget the virtual keyboard which is handy when on the go…

Personally, I like the floating transport bar, and have done since using Cubase on the PC; When using the Atari version of Cubase in a class recently (with the fixed transport bar as part of the main window), I realised two things:

  1. I didn’t remember it being that way
  2. It wasn’t the end of the world being there, but it was way too big.

I like the flexibility of having a separate transport as you can put it wherever you like, but Cubase has been overdue a window management update for a long time, and maybe that can form part of it. But removing the floating one would be a big mistake, IMO; when I teach on other software that doesn’t have it, I don’t like the rigidity imposed by it.

For the record… the feature request I asked for is to allow all the options available on the transport panel be available on the top toolbar. I don’t want Steinberg to get rid of the transport panel but it would be nice to have all of the transport panel functions available on the top toolbar so some (like me) would not have to use it if we didn’t want to.

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