Whats Value 3 for Note type in LE


I was wondering Whats Value 3 for Note type in LE?
Screen Shot 2020-04-01 at 9.38.35 PM.png

I think it’s note-off velocity. But could be wrong here.

“For note events, there is also a value in the Data 3 column, which is used for note-off velocity”

Thank you guys very much.

Where are these information? I can’t find them in the manual.

Page 1000 in the manual

“Value 3
Adjusts value 3 in the events, which is used for handling of Note-off velocity when searching for properties.”

For the record, Ive never even used this LE nor PLE here. Probably should check it out

Thank you very much.

I use the online version. So, I guess not sure how the search box works there! Then I quote “Value 3”, it does not return the page. I expected the first page with “Value 3” should pop up first!


But when I change the keyword to: “Adjusts value 3 in the events”


it shows it up.