What's with Nuendo 5.5 bad publicity???

Have not had a chance to use my new Nuendo 5.5 yet. I went to youtube to get some info on the new features and the only videos I saw about Nuendo 5.5 were about the bugs it had. This can’t be good, billions around the world watch youtube and this is certainly making Nuendo look bad. I’m scared to even try it out. Guess I’ll dive in though. Any thing I need to know? Thanks-

I’m not saying it is without bugs - its clearly not - but I personally haven’t come across any large workflow issues or show-stoppers… so I’d dive in and try it out - there’s enough in there to make it worth at least trying it out.

While I’m not a fan of some things, thats the way software goes… and there’s encouraging signs (read the pre-release info about cubase 6.0.5 which also implies some fixes for nuendo)

The current pace of fixes / small updates is very encouraging from where I sit… (though there is always room for improvement)

As for the bad press on youtube - I haven’t seen it. Could you post links? I’d be interested (and I’m sure others would here as well) to see what is frustrating other users.



Nuendo 5.5 did not get bad publicity at all. As usual in the internet, you’ll find more people
complaining about things with videos and post than people having positive comments. Just
because we don’t blare out things like “the best update ever” or “the game changer” or “it’s
fantastic, faboulus, unbelieveable” with almost every update, it doesn’t mean that we’re not
promoting our software. ProTools 10 is a new, major release one has to pay for. Of course, if
a company takes money for the update and it’s a major update, a company naturally spends
more money for the campaign and for ads in magazines, as all these things cost much money.

With Nuendo 5.5 we thought it would be more reasonable to provide all the features for free
to our users instead of letting them pay for a bloated advertising campaign.


Hello Timo
Both is important… Keeping your existing customers happy and extend more advertising.
Btw, I think, you guys at SB have not exploited enough that you got QT working in win 64 bit OS environment ( and that rather stabil…) Start shouting a bit! Tell them people what we have for ages, already, that Alsihad is currently sooo proud of …

As to Nuendo’s reputation… I personally do not know anybody who has worked with or seen us producing with Nuendo in my studios who expressed any negative criticism. On the contrary. Especially customers are often buffled by the swift and professional way we use and produce with Nuendo. It is not perfect, but very close to being quite satisfactory. And that is quite an achievement, already. As so often told, here, there is no perfect DAW, no matter how hard you search…
We got the one closest to it…

Big K

Agreed. I would also add that it would be a good business move to very quickly get out there right now and try to mop up a bunch of pissed off protools users. Get some videos up showing how it is we work so much faster, tips and tricks etc etc. You already have a 5.5 demo available, I’d estimate that anyone that is curious enough to download it will love it if there are some video tutuorials to go with it. Now is the time to plant seeds. I would focus mostly on the things that protools does not do. There is a saying in the U.S. that says “strike while the iron is hot”. This period of time before HDX is released, while users are sitting around angry that their $40,000 rigs are soon to become “legacy”… this is the time to show them what you have.

To put it in perspective. In NYC I have zero options if I want to finish a film in a dolby calibrated room. Nobody runs nuendo. I’m forced to convert over. You have a superior product and this needs to change.

Yeah… In google video search “nuendo 5.5”, 7 out of 9 total results are issues. Hmmm…

It doesn’t matter much to me because I’m unique person and would rather be stealth with the software I use. The less people know about it the more I can hype it up and tell them I wrote it! I’m not on 5.5 for which the video(s) highlight: automation view. 9 total results though!!!.. Wild! :mrgreen:

5.5ers be elite! :slight_smile:

Simply go to google and type in: Nuendo 5.5, youtube

I started this topic based on what I saw on Youtube. But I would like to say I did fire 5.5 up and so far I really like it. Like Brenden, I have not com across any “show stopping” work flow issues. Have not came close to trying everything out yet. I would like to ask, does Nuendo 5.5 have any of the amazing stuff that I’ve heard about in Cubase 6!!! (including changing the tempo without affecting the pitch), or do we have to wait for Nuendo 6 to get these features. A female studio engineer friend of mine went to a Cubase-6 presentation at “Guitar Center” in my city. She had nothing but rave about Cubase 6; and she uses Nuendo. Cubase must definitely be getting the most sales since Steinberg always seem to promote it more than Nuendo. But as far as my experience on Nuendo 5.5 has been,so far so good!

I can’t remember a single promo for Nuendo over the last year or so. Not in Mix Magazine, TapeOp or any other publication. I could have missed it of course. Do you have any examples?

As a ex-marketing student in most cases where a company has the lower-end product out selling the higher-end product, they discontinue the higher-end product or make two versions of the lower-end product. Thus, making one very much more expensive than the other. Such as Cubase ($499) and Cubase plus with NEK or Pro-Cubase with NEK ($999) etc. This is usually the case when a product starts receiving no promotion at all. Of course I could be wrong. I hope so, I’ve come to love the name Nuendo. It sets me apart from the lower-end Cubase users (no pun intended), some of my best friends are Cubase users. I even let a Cubase user hold my wallet once, they’re okay (lol). But seriously, I really like the name Nuendo, It’s so elite and esoteric, upper class… you know. Or at least I feel that way, even if it may not be true. :stuck_out_tongue:

It is true.

LOL! You right SBN and I know it and I got mine and I’m not turning it loose. I was just trying to show some humility when I said “even if it may not be true.” I just didn’t want to get beat up. People get mad when you think you’re “Mister it” and I hear those Cubase guys are roughians (lol). Seriously though, I just didn’t want to desdain, just kdding around. But honestly, I wouldn’t trade Nuendo for any other sequencer. I love it, been using it since “version one.” I’m presently using it for audio and post production. Please don’t get rid of it Steinberg! I also agree with others, more promotion please for this magnificent software! Just don’t charge us for promoting it Timo good buddy. :smiley:

All features from Cubase 6 are available in Nuendo 5.5 plus tons of post production features and (here I’m not 100% sure anymore, since I don’t work with Cubase too often) some other goodies like an extended automation panel.

I think it’s a German habit (and sometimes even a disease!) to be as modest as possible, underestimating the own potential. Though this can possibly be explained by the history where some inhuman and cruel a**hles reigned this countryfor twelve terrible years, leaving shtloads of damage in every aspect… this is NOT good when it comes to marketing. Steinberg is underestimating the skill and power that Nuendo offers, at least when it comes to aggressive advertizing.

just my 32 Cents (float)

“aggressive marketing”? How about “marketing” period? I’ve yet to see any over the last year or so.

I humbly suggested here and to a personal contact at Steinberg that they capitalize on the discontent in the PT camp, and predicted that they wouldn’t in any way lift even the little finger to do so… the latter appearing to be correct.

Honestly, I don’t think it’s German humility that is the problem, but rather Germanic stubbornness and inflexibility. They have their mind set on what’s what and that’s that. That won’t change.

Compare to Adobe when Apple released FCP-X; they immediately offered a cross-grade to FCP users. A successful strategy.

You ask a PT engineer in the US if he knows about Nuendo and he’ll be 50/50 to say “what’s a ‘Nuendo’” and “no”. You try to tell him he should try it out and he’d probably assume that it wouldn’t be worth the money. The very least SB could have done when PT HDX was announced was proclaim to the entire world that there were 400 hours of free testing of the main competitor to PT available. Would have been possibly smart to offer a crossgrade too.

But then again, we’ve been barking up the “how about you take some constructive criticism into account from your userbase-tree” now for years and they won’t change…

BTW, interesting strategy that we can’t see this particular section unless logged in… and one can’t log in without being a registered user (right?)… and this is the section where “off-topic” stuff goes… stuff like threads about bad publicity, people not being able to buy upgrades because they happen to live in the wrong country… etc…

Nah, there are more then enough other forums and blogs where you can rampage about DAWs, or to read about bugs and criticism. I ike it a lot that this is private ground for Nuendo license holders…Keeps the kindergarten out.

M2c, there is definetely not enough advertising and information about to promote Nuendo in a way it deservers…and we’d deserve. This has been a point of critic from my side, too, for many years.
I don’t know, what hole needs unplugging at SB, but there is certainly a large wad of hair clogging this particular pipe…
For sure, it has nothing to do with any national business attitude… This is a SB problem, only.

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