What's Wrong With Cubase 8.5.0 vs 8.5.15?


I’ll start:
GUI lag
VCA Faders

PS. I have been holdding back further updates due to the HORRIBLE Intelligent Name Abbreviations for the insert plugin names (very big problems with plugins that start (and end) with the same, like the Sonnox plugins).
But I suspect that C8.5.0 affect the performance, so… :unamused:

Maybe you should try the update to 8.5.15. Cubase 8 Pro runs fine here (and for many others).

8.5.15 has been running really smooth for me here also.

VCAs now work (at least here)
Scissor tool/play cursor lag has been fixed (i think it was in 8.5.10)


Cubase has been almost unusable to me since v7, however the last 8.5 patch seems to have cured most of my (particularly CPU) issues so I’m a happy pig for the first time in a long time. Good timing because I was about to uninstall it and forget it ever existed.

I have to say as well that Cubase 8.5.15 is running without any single problem so far (Win 10)

If I have to, I have to… I actually have tried, but reverted because of the Horrible “Intelligent Name Abbreviation”.

No others bothered by that Horrible “Intelligent Name Abbreviation”???
I was only holding back because of this… and being stubborn :wink:

Well, at least I can start to use the VCAs (Not bothered until it were working as intended). Working great in Studio One btw :wink:

That sounds a bit snarly.
Anyways there were a couple of problems with 8.5 the worst being the not open from project cpr and the VCA problems. Both fixed quite quickly and now working 8.5.15.
For me 8.5.15 is a good solid Daw.
Good luck with Studio one but it´s not comprehensive enough for my needs :wink:

-as long as you don’t mind all your tracks being record enabled as soon as you select any VCA linked track!

What’s Wrong With Cubase 8.5.0?

Answer: not much.

1 - Dedicated DAW computer only.
2 - 64-bit plugins only.
3 - VST3 plugins where posible.
4 - No games installed.

i am giving steinberg the benefit of the doubt and pretend nothing past cubsae 7.5 has ever been released, hoping they redeem themselves with v9. c8 has just been too much trouble and workflow downgrades to adjust our studios to.

Amongst many other things Steinberg have failed to address, Cubase cannot even export parts to audio at the correct length…


This seems to me to be something fandamentally wrong with Cubase 8

When you cross thread a bolt it can be forced in but the thread is damaged. This seems to be the way Steinberg often bolts on features to Cubase.

Thats big. But I thought you would mention Media Bay that isn’t working…unless you accept that they say it’s designed that way since C7.

Can anyone tell me how to organize VST presets in Media Bay when Media Bay, upon opening Cubase, rescans everything? Re-scanning everything is fine with me.

But it also automatically checks folders that the user has purposely left unchecked! Why?


No longer can I organize my VST presets.


For any particular VST, I want factory presets in one folder, then for that same VST I want to create other folders for specific projects. This way, when I open a VST preset I get the little folder tree on the left of the open presets section where I can check and un-check the appropriate folders.

But Steinberg decided it would be swell to automatically check every folder upon the start of Cubase regardless of the users prior settings! (this applies to the user folder in your C drive.)

So now when I open a VST preset, I get the 20 Cubase factory presets mixed in with a few hundred presets that were designed for specific projects. So I have to uncheck all the project folders just to see the factory presets. And the next time you open Cubase, you have to start all over…unchecking the folders that Cubase has just automatically checked.

Postby J-S-Q » 16 Apr 2016 11:13

“-as long as you don’t mind all your tracks being record enabled as soon as you select any VCA linked track”

Use ALT-Click to record enable a single track.


For the record I am a Cubase user since prior to SX.

I just noticed that the VCAs work very much as wanted in S1.

And I ment what is “wrong” with C8.5.0 compared to C8.5.15. Not an attack on Cubase, and no politics in it on my part.
I just happen to hate the way the two last updates returned to the HORRIBLE Intelligent Name Abbreviation for naming inserts… Just me?

I’ll start again with what I have noticed:
GUI lags

EDIT: I corrected the question…

Sorry for badly wording my original question :blush:

I wanted to organize my presets too, disable some custom folder but everytime I open Cubase I enable it… :open_mouth:

That is exactly the problem. And it was not like this in C6. At some point someone decided that C/user folders should always be checked no matter what. And that has ruined any possibility of organizing VST presets.

One moderator says it was “by design” but gave no explanation of course. :laughing:

Here is the original post.
The title is “8.5 mediabay still re-scanning my user content at startup!” I may be wrong, but I don’t think there is any problem with mediabay re-scanning the user content at startup. The problem is the re-scan automatically checks folder boxes that the user has deliberately left unchecked. :imp:

Yes, me. I updated and went back to 8.5.0 because of this.

Not bothered, didn’t even notice it.
It really depends on how the plugins are named, some 3.rd party plugins use the company name in the start of every plugin name, that makes it impossible to work with. I just happen to use plugins that have pretty unique names.
What really is needed is a AKA field in the plugin manager, an “also known as” field where one could type in the name Cubase should use if that field is used.

Me too… and hence the question (about the difference and non-working features) nobody actually never answered.

PS. I contacted Sonnox with a question of a possible method to rename their plugins (due to the Horrible “Intelligent Name Abbreviation”). There wasn’t, wasn’t on their “fix-list” (due to backward compatibility).
All Sonnox plugins looks like this: Oxfo…ve (I understand Oxford + Native, the actual plugin name I DON’T get).

There are also a couple of other plugin vendors naming convention that meet the same naming challenge in Cubase…

I have some hopes, again, for C9… But by C9.5 they might have changed it back again :imp: