What's wrong with MIDI remote here?

If I try to use the same MIDI CC control dial on a device (SSL UF8), to for example move the cutoff on more than one soft synth using MIDI remote, it doesn’t work right.

Say I set a dial on the midi controller to cutoff on one synth using MIDI remote and set focus to track selection, when I change it to another synth and set the same midi controller to cutoff on the next synth, when I go back to the previous synth track it changes to a different parameter than the cutoff that I just previously set it to.

I have a video example linked where you can see after setting the midi control to cutoff on VPS Avenger and then setting the same control to cutoff on Spire synth, that when I go back to Avenger the midi controller is set to ‘osc2 crusher’ instead of the cuttof that I just set it to!

What’s going on?

From what I know, each control in a specific mapping page/subpage, has to be mapped to exactly one element. Thus, when trying to map the very same control to different elements can (and as I saw in your video will) create issues.

My suggestion is that you map your controls to the Focused Quick Controls 1-8, or if you have more, to the Instrument Quick Controls, and then use the ‘learn’ functionality in the Remote Control Editor (or in the QCs section) for each plugin, to properly assign whichever elements you want to the corresponding slots.

MIDI Remote binds your input controller to a VST Parameter ID, not the function. So when you map it the first time, cutoff might be parameter ID #23 and the second time you map it, on that synth, it could be #6. This means the controller is mapped to parameter #6 which is not cutoff on the first synth. The order of the parameters are made up by the plug-in manufacturer.
To overcome this, we can change what function is represented by what parameter ID by using the Remote Control Editor. This is then stored per plug-in.

I understand if this sounds overly complicated, but it is actually quite powerful once you’ve setup the order of the parameters according to your controller and needs, which I admit is a tedious task if you have a lot of plugins. But you will only have to do it once per plug-in.


Thanks, but I still don’t get it. If I use midi learn I can use the same physical dial for the same (Or different) parameter on any number of soft synths. But Cubase midi remote is supposed to only work with one physical dial per one specific synthesiser!?

I have a setup the quick controls but I’m limited to 8 controls and the device I have has a physical control for all 127 midi cc’s.

I’m not sure I understand that either. Do you mean something other than the quick control editor. Actually I remember using the midi remote editor to change the order of the parameters that showed up on the SSL UF8 Daw controller, but it doesnt have and id’s or cc numbers?

That’s cool!

You can then move to designing instrument and insert effects (if interested) quick controls, instead of the 8 focused quick controls or track quick controls.

Here’s the area for instrument quick controls:

As you can see there’s just 8 of them. However, notice the “===Setup===” option just under the Parameters header. If you click this, you can set your bank of parameters to whichever number you want, for example, in the case you want to control 128 parameters, set this to 128:


Now, bind each of your 128 controls to Parameter 1, 2…128.

By properly setting up your VSTi parameters using the remote control editor as suggested by @mlib, you’ll have immediate access to these 128 (first bank) parameters of whichever VSTi you have on your currently selected track.

You can even proceed with assigning two buttons to selecting previous/next bank of these 128 parameters, and even reset to the very first bank:



Oh right, being able to increase it to 127 from 8 is a gamechanger, nice, thanks for the info.