whats wrong with this mix??

Hi im currently re-working my songs and the song im working on at the moment is giving me trouble.
it still has guide vocals on it im more concernd about the backing.

does it sound ok? i think the bass is a little dull maybe to quiet realy not sure any advise.

its the default song on the page



You’re right. There’s work left on tweaking the low end. First thing I would do is to reduce the low-end of acoustic guitars (low-shelf or HPF). It would create more room for bass and kick (which in my opinion is even more in need of tweaking … it’s weak).

And as a big fan of strummed acoustic guitars myself, I hardly ever say this: back off those acoustic guitars a bit.

BTW. I liked the song, the arrangement and the performance. Nice job!

Thanks Jarno

I to love strummed acoustics…i’ll pull the high pass over more.
I have the bass guitar in mono with compression first decent thresh andthe ratio is something like 4 or 5 to 1 cant rember? then eq’d the output is stereo out with a pre fader send to a stereo group with another comp similar ratio but not massive thresh and a bass enhancer plugin on it the mono is quite light but group is the deeper tone…would you raise the group and leave the mono?

Im gona have a mess with the drum groups too.

Before I do anything I will back the guitars off and see where I stand…

think im in need of some room treatment for these lows I have none at all…

Struggling…its always too much or to little!