What's Your Color Scheme?

*Basically trying to wonder what everyone uses.
I myself tried to unify all my tracks to the same logical color schemes e.g. all Midi=Blue, Instruments=Green, Audio=Orange etc…

I have a darker bkg. with light grids and medium color saturation…
The reason being is that I have a large monitor and it’s easier on the eyes w/a dark background.

Would love to see some other ideas/setups to see if there is a nicer one to work with.


Color Scheme sm.jpg

I don’t know Man, I don’t have a screen shot of mine, basically because I haven’t decided on 1 yet, but I think yours looks pretty good just as it is.

Default looks fine to me, why bother?

Looks interesting. What is screen resolution ?

Mine looks like this (2560x1440):


My overall scheme is not much different than yours, I tend towards darker grounds.

However, since you’ve mentioned part coloring. My last project, for the first time, did away with part coloring based on instrument or channel ie. Bass-orange, Drums-yellow, Keys-blue. I actually colored by music section. Intro - 4 bars blue, Rise-blue/green, Verse-green … so on. Made it a lot easier and intuitive to treat sections in particular relevance.
So, 4 bars of chorus are pink early in song, and pink again later.

If there was a way to somehow have the best of both worlds (X and Y) by use of saturation or value, that would be nice.

What is your screen resolution ?


I’m on a 4k monitor… :nerd:

Not sure if you know this, as I only found out recently, but you can add more colors to the palette. Right now there’s 16 default colors, but you can add your own as well.

For example, you could have varying shades of each color for slight visual differences.

I added a maroon color for my bass tracks - kind of like a stained wood color.

Don’t know if they can be saved globally, but they can be saved per project & template.

If this interests you, just inquire here and I’ll add more info on how-to.

Most of mine are custom. (Look @ the Oranges and Green-ish)…some of the colors they had chosen were too ugly…lol :laughing:


so basically you use color schemes based on the cartoons you work at ? :mrgreen:

HA! Nice catch!
Not really but damn, maybe it was a subconscious thing…:laughing:


:laughing: maybe a cartoon made by steinberg ?

good u are not working on adult movies ! :wink:


Ok, so first, right click somewhere in a blank space on the very top tool bar & add the color option. It will appear as a grey box with a small arrow to the right.
When you click that, all 16 default colors should drop down, and there should also be something [at the top, if I recall correctly], like Append New Color.
When you click on that a color palette should open.

You can then drag around to any color you want & save it.
I just continue on with color 17, 18, etc.

They should appear along with the 16 default ones after that.

[While I’m in there, I also change the color of the red one to much lighter, because it’s hard to tell when the red Record icon is lit.]

Then, you can pick those colors for your tracks afterward.

2 things to note:

  1. It doesn’t seemed to be saved globally - at least not that I can find yet, so save either as a template or blank song set up.
  2. The manual shows what must be the old version of this but it’s completely different, so don’t be fooled by it.

OK SteelyDani [Ricky] - Don’t lose this number! :laughing:

Hope This Helps

Aha!!! :laughing: You don’t wanna call nobody else

Thank you very much. I always need more colors for my projects.

Your welcome Bud!

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