What's Your Favorite "Evil" Christmas / Holiday Song?

Mine is hands down: “No Presents For Christmas” by King Diamond

Can’t link to it due to the rules, but do a youtube search and play the recorded single (i.e. non-live) version. It’s a hoot. :laughing:

While Shepherds Slaughter Their Flocks By Night

merry solstice! :sunglasses:

Two come to mind:

“You’re a Mean One, Mr Grinch” always liked that vocal

Also, the redneck version of “12 Days of Christmas”. Sample line: “9 years probation” “5 flannel shirts”

or should that be “9 years probation” “5 flannel sKirts”

I don’t mean to be a “corrector” type dude, but I just heard this in the car the other day – I’m pretty sure it’s “39 and a half foot pole” (a play on the proverbial 40-foot pole)

A piece of trivia here - that voice is non other than “Tony the Tiger” … They’rrrrrrrrrrre Great!!!


“Christmas with the Devil” - Spinal Tap


I would say that it is Evil or have anything to do with Christmas but it did get to Christmas number one in the UK: rage against the machine killing in the name.

“Merry F*cking Christmas”


Over 18s only. Trigger warning: may offend if you’re a complete pussy :slight_smile:

Whatever whacky xmas song you are thinking of, im sure its being played here:

Main PLS: http://somafm.com/xmasinfrisko.pls

Main M3U: http://somafm.com/m3u/xmasinfrisko.m3u

Direct Server: http://uwstream3.somafm.com:2106

Backup Server: http://xstream1.somafm.com:2100

Backup Server: http://uwstream3.somafm.com:2100


can’t beat a bit of Alice Cooper - Santa Claws is coming to town :slight_smile:


Thanks for that… :laughing:

They’re all evil.