What's your favorite part of Cubase 13?

Inquiring minds wanna know!


“part”… Just in the singular ? :thinking:

EDIT - OK, let’s suppose that we have only one enhancement/new feature to choose…

Then the answer is rather clear, on my end : the new track inspector behavior (combined with its new associated channel one). These two are worth the C12 → C13 upgrade alone, IMO. Night and day, workflow related, compared to the buggy/clumsy former versions…

It’s tough to decide, but if I just have to pick ONE new C13 feature, then it would probably be the vastly improved multipart editor workflows with the overview + visibility tab for the key editor, and that goes hand in hand IMO with the range tool improvements. Overall, very nice C13 improvement that impacts day-to-day composition/sequencing stuff, and Steinberg deserves a high five for spending time on such fundamental workflow improvements.


Lack of crashes

With multi-part editing in the Key Editor they added my dream feature.

Like a traditional MIDI sequencer, it lets you see all notes and parts of the composition at once, rather than editing single events at a time and only hearing the other tracks.


Mono to Stereo tracks at a press of a button

The Mixconsole looks so clean.

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Key Editor improvements. (only wish they will bring back original Beat Calculator and old GUI).

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I actually much prefer the new gui but yeah beat calculator wtf

omg i just noticed this. the horror. “after 20 years we decided to scrap this very useful tool”.

Show/Hide Channel Strip on the left

My favorite part of 13? That I spent my money to upgrade from v12 rather than buying an upgrade to Studio One 6. :slight_smile:
Actually, there’s a lot to like as a recent migrant from the S1 side. So much more sophisticated MIDI functionality, for instance. As for v13, the new channel zone is a real handy asset for changing levels on the fly, etc. The range tool for MIDI is useful too. It’s all good. As long as it works as advertised.