what's your plug-in limiter of choice

Title says it all.

I’m using psp xenon sometimes I use elephant
Just curious what everyone else uses?


Good answer!!

lol, and I wasn’t even trying to be a smart ass. I see using a limiter, especially brick wall style, as a fail. But I’m not a pop, hip hop, rap, dance etc… guy. So getting things to .5 db isn’t my goal.

Waves L2 Ultramaximiser

UAD-2 Precision Limiter or UA 1176

What’s this Limiter thing I keep hearing about? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

In all seriousness, I use the stock plug in and only with the Light Peak Limiting preset.

No discussion on the subject of limiters is complete without a thorough study of this entire thread (all 49 pages):


It is essential reading.

Absolutely essential reading, singularly the best guitar recording thread ever…

ozone 5. try the demo.

That never gets old, a true classic :smiley:

Aloha a,

To my ears each limiter (like all gear) has its own ‘colour’.

With some limiters the colour is no color at all. (or as lil colour as possible)

I pick the colour that complements and is appropriate on the sound canvas at the time.

UA (hardware)
Manley (hardware)
Joe Meek (hard and software) (AES/EBU)
Waves (software)
Ik (software)

And now I am starting to use (for drums/guits/basses at least) the
strip modules in the C7 MixConsole.

Not the best but very fast to get to and then
‘swap them out’ later if necessary.


Sonnox Oxford Limiter for me, I think it’s great for what I do, very clean.



Abbey Road TG 12413…

Stock Cubase Limiter
VarietyOfSound Thrillseeker VBL (free)

Will try Melda’s MLimiter (free) soon

My favorite is PSP Xenon, but sometimes I also use Slate Digital FG-X.

Anyone like to do a little soft clipping before limiting…I done this now and again with the t-racks soft clipper with good results.doesn’t always get the desired results but when it works it works.

So many limiters to choose from I’m very happy with the psp xenon really suits what I do.I have a couple of others but always find myself going for that.not to fussed about how loud my mixes are just to clear that one up! Nothing worse than a squashed mix distorting away.

Recently been learning about proper gain staging before applying plugins made a big difference too.