When? A fix for Cubase 13 on i9 14900k based machines

I’m bored sick of trying to get Cubase Pro 13 to run properly on my i9 12900k. Cubase 13 always peaks out and falls over when it hits around 14% processor power. I’ve tried turning off drive parking (it helps a little). I’ve tried turning off all the eco BS (didn’t notice any difference). I’ve tried disabling the E cores (Can’t say I noticed much if any difference).
I’m fed up of trawling forums, youtube and such in vain hope of an answer.
Has anybody got any other tricks worth trying?
I could have saved myself a fortune and bought an old i5 if I wanted this kind of performance. Maybe after using Steinberg’s Cubase since Cubase 6 it’s time I threw in the towel with Steinberg’s Cubase and move to a working DAW for people who need a professional DAW for work.
Any thoughts on a C13 fix to make it work on a modern CPU such as the i9 12900k would be much appreciated. Maybe the fix is obvious and I’ve overlooked it.

I’ve had great performance on my 13700k. Never ran into the E-core problems I was warned about. I run massive templates for film and tv projects.

I have heard that the i9’s run way too hot. This is why I opted for 13700k over 13900k. Perhaps check your thermals.

The only other “obvious” fixes would be…buffer size to at least 256, ASIO guard on, etc.

Hi Jake,
I run an I9 13900k without any problem.
The problem I had was with the memory.
Please run Windows memory control with extended settings.
Windows 10 pro was not giving any problem but Cubase was.
Had to go down to 6000Mhz instead of 7600 Mhz.

Hi, Yeah I was warned about the way too hot temps and so have been careful to keep things low (in the 30’s). Also heats not really a problem when Cubase is topping out and falling over when the cpu is only hitting around 14% maybe 15% tops. Buffer size etc, yes they help but only in the manner they always work, so no advantage if the system isn’t running as it should in the first place, and it isn’t, by miles.
I appreciate your input :wink:

Hi TwanV, thanks for the heads up. I’ll go do some research re Windows memory control, as it’s something I know nothing about. Hopefully I’ll be back here posting some positive news. :wink:

Which version of C13?
I use an i9 12900k with an AMD 6700XT gpu and I can run C13 with no problems (since the .30 update, that is).
The issue may be caused by something else in your system.
NVidia gpus, for example, can cause latency issues. Someone turned off the HAGS setting in Windows Settings and solved their latency issue. (Here: Latency on new computer way too high for Cubase13 Pro to be usable - Help!)

I don’t have the processor in question, but have you tried Bitsum Park Control? CPU issues disappeared for me when I installed it and set it to Bitsum Highest Performance

Hi Googly_Smythe,
I’m using Cubase Pro 13.
This is my system
i9-14900K 3.20 GHz Processor
MAG Z790 TOMAHAWK MAX WIFI (MS-7E25) Motherboard
64GB 5200MHz ram
2 x 4TB M.2 drives (WD_BLACK SN850X)
2 x 2TB M.2 drives (WD_BLACK SN770)
Windows 11 Pro

Thanks for the link :wink:

Hi wjoyce,
I don’t know Bitsum Park Control, I’ll check it out. I have set my drives so they don’t park, if that’s what Park Control does.

Thanks for the help :wink:

Sorry, I thought you were asking about the 12900.

Whoops sorry that’s my slip up. I did post 12900, I meant 14900. :roll_eyes:

Doesn’t help if I can’t get the facts right does it lol

No, it controls CPU core parking. I must confess that I thought drive parking was a thing of the past though?

Not here with 14700k
Core parking off, cubase smooth as silk , core parking on cubase dreadfull pops and clicks.

Just an added note
The steinberg audio power scheme does NOT turn off core core parking, it just inherits the core parking state present before it gets activated.


No fix found. Well maybe it’s time I moved on from Cubase. Have been using it for years & years but C13 has been a real let down. Cranked flat out C13 falls over when my processor hits less than 25% usage. I’ve always been one to promote Cubase but no more will I sing it’s praises. It’s now a pile of crap imho.
Change my mind if you can.

Can you update the title? I get confused easy!

I didn’t know you can or I’d have done it ages ago. Still can’t see where or how to do it.

Should the title be i9 14900k instead of 12900k?

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I’ve build new pc with:
14700k - air cooled with Deepcool Assassin4
Asus tuf gaming z790
System, libraries on new M2 ssd’s

And Cubase works perfect. Insane speed
In heavy project (buffer 32, 45% performance meter), cpu temperature around 65-70

If you scroll up to the title you should see the “edit pen” next to it. (Only visible to the thread starter.)

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But that’s different chip.