When adding a barline between breve notes, it doesn't appear in the correct place

Barline between breve notes.dorico (386.8 KB)
Hi! When I put a barline between two breve notes, with lyrics below them, the barline doesn’t appear just before the second note. Instead, it appears kind of in the middle of the two notes.
This doesn’t happen when the text isn’t longer than the note.
Is there anything I can do about it or it’s just the way the program works?

Thank you!

The problem is that the lyrics add more width than Dorico’s expecting, and Dorico typically spaces music based on the notes rather than lyrics (and let’s face it, most of the time lyrics are attached to notes).

The lazy approach, if this is a one-off and you you have Dorico Pro, is to use the Note Spacing tool. You’ll find a square handle above the barline. Select it and then use Cmd/Ctrl-Alt-Right to move it along to the right. Details on the Note Spacing tool here: Adjusting note spacing at individual rhythmic positions

The lazy approach in any variant of Dorico, if this really is in isolation, is to go to Layout Options > Note Spacing and increase the default value for crotchets/quarters to about 7 spaces.

If there are some short systems that need to look like this, interspersed with responses that have more notes, you’d probably be better served by pairs of Note Spacing Changes. You’d want one at the start of each short system to raise the default crotchet/quarter space to 7 spaces (or whatever works for each system), then another one at the start of each response that Resets to the default 4 spaces (or whatever you’ve set globally in Layout Options > Note Spacing).

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