When Adding A New Track...


Sorry for shouting, but these ‘small’ UI things are just beneath the program at this stage of maturity.

To paraphrase a US Senator… a million niggles here, a million niggles there and pretty soon yer talking about REAL aggravation.

I used to tolerate this better, but as my projects have grown into the 100’s of tracks, playing ‘Where’s Waldo?’ every time I add a track has gotten old.

that will be a new version by it self

Not a bad idea, but should be a preference, as opposed to happening auto.

If I am looking at tracks 1-4 of a project that has hundreds of tracks, and create an fx track with (for ex) reverb, I certainly don’t want Cubase scrolling all the way to the bottom of the project, which then forces me to scroll all the way back to the top of the project to send those tracks to the verb.

But I do admit that a pref for this, toggle-able with a KC, would be nice.


On my system, after creating a track, the new track is selected. So one is left in this purgatory… the window looks like yer were you were before you started… but the selected track (the new track) is nowheres in sight. So it’s the worst of both worlds.

I just checked this in v5 (which is what I am currently using). The creation of a new track is only placed at the bottom of the project if no track is selected. But if a track is selected, the newly created track is right underneath the selected track. Does it not work like this in later versions? If so, just select a track, and the newly created track will be right there for you.

I just wanted to concur with Jeff’s earlier point; and also, that the behaviour he sees with v5 is true with the current Cubase Pro 8.0.10 version.

So, select a track first; then add new track.

The FR could be for maybe adding a checkbox(s) - ‘at current location’ or ‘bottom of track list’ (or somesuch…?)

I’m sure there is some (cough) logic like that. But I don’t want an explanation. There’s simply no (good) reason for a newly added track to be OUT OF VIEW since one almost always will want to do -something- to manipulate the new track immediately after creation (otherwise why create it?)

This is only one of several cases where the program performs an action and then leaves you miles away from that action. One more example? Click on a track in MixConsole. This should take one to the same track in the Arranger UNLESS the track is in a folder, in which case the track -is- selected BUT is still hidden inside the collapsed folder. WTF? The correct behaviour is that when one clicks on the MixConsole channel, the folder should accordion open and make the Arranger track VISIBLE.

You should ALWAYS have the option to have the viewport move to where the selected track is. You should NEVER have a track selected but not ‘in line of sight’… wondering ‘Where is it?’

So a “view follows selection” ?
That would actually be cool. [emoji12]

Don’t you mean the vertical position? i.e. where the up down scroll is…

yes +1 IMO does not make sense otherwise but ok , put it has an option. :slight_smile: