When adding first VST Instrument on Play tab, shows as '02'

So, I wasn’t happy with the HSSE VST plugin, so I deleted it out of my ‘VST Instruments’ list that I had added (it was the only one at this point). I then proceeded to add one (1) instance of SINE player, but before I selected ‘SINE’ in the list, I noticed that the entry ready to be assigned a VST was showing ‘02 - —’. I haven’t been able to figure out how to get it to go back to ‘01’. I know this is an insignificant issue, but it would be nice to have it get added as ‘01 - —’ which is really what it is.

How do I get it to be added as ‘01’? Is there a menu item somewhere to reset things? It’s like it’s cached or something and won’t quit remembering the first VST I added then deleted.

So, I completely closed out of Dorico, re-opened it, created a completely new project, and added one solo instrument, a flute, and of course it defaulted to the HSSE plugin, but for the purposes of this test, I just wanted to see if it got added in the VST Instruments list as ‘01’ or ‘02’ and to my chagrin, it got added as ‘02’. So, it seems there must be some cached that needs cleared or something.


01 is automatically assigned to the Dorico click track.

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That’s right. DoricoBeep is always the first instrument that gets loaded in every project. It’s just hidden from the list in the user interface.

Oh, d’oh! Well, that explains it. Thanks!