When adding insert bypass automation the track focus changes

Ive seen this happen a lot, actually every time i try to do it. Ill try to explain.

Im playing a project, the track (lets say Snare) is in W mode. I want to add Quadrazuzz to one section. When the playback gets to that selection i hit the button to turn the effect on in the insert list in the Inspector. This works and writes the on status to the track, but then the track focus jumps to a totally un connected track. I then have to go back to the Snare track to turn the effect off. If its just for a bar or two it’s impossible.
Ok, i know i can use other methods to get this automation but why does this happen?
Shouldn’t the track i have selected stay selected? Ive even noticed than using the Pen tool to put a node on the automation line can also do the above.
This is 100% repeatable on every project with both instals of CB pro 11 on Windows 10.