When adding or removing plugins there is a pause in playback

OK, Ive been playing a piece of audio and adding and subtracting effect plugins. Every time i add or take off certain plugins there is a brief pause in the playback. Certainly with Waves.

Its clearly the demand of the plugin affecting Cubase 7 in some way.

Cubase 6 and Cubase 5 did not do this. Its certainly not progress.

IS anyone else experiencing this kind of performance??

Plugs with latency have always caused a small glitch in playback for me, but it does seem a more obvious pause now.
Maybe the new asio guard makes it worse.

I mean my PC is by no means top spec anymore (but not so long ago it had its day), its still a beast and has never had any problems with 6. Its a pretty blatant little pause in proceedings going on here now. I dont like it one bit.