When are we going to fix the menu bar on Windows?

It’s ugly. It’s janky. It dates Cubase back to 2007. Disappointed to see not one single GUI improvement in Cubase 12, but this menu bar is quickly becoming the most offensive thing about the software.


Why? I’m used to it and don’t want it to change


Totally agree, it is so outdated and ugly that I resent having to use it.

I don’t really mind it, there’s other things that I’d very much like to be improved upon, e.g. the key commands and macro windows, also the global settings window. That is still Cubase 6 looks (and functionality), ten years after…

I know. Is it really that difficult to update the typeface and font sizes? It’s one of the main reasons I prefer Cubase on mac.

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The whole window handling needs to be overhauled, but it’s been that way so long, I think long-time users have just been beaten into submission. It’s not even compliant with Windows programming guidlines.

On the other hand, no more dongle! So … baby steps …

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