When are we going to get WAVELAB multi-track support?

It was “promised” for WL 10 but here we are waiting for WL 10.0.6 and still no multi-track support. Is this something we will see in “near future” or is it a feature that will not come about until WL 11 or later? I know we are in the middle of a pandemic but…this request has been going on for literally years. I personally do not need it on a daily basis but last week I had to do some multi-track work for a client and had to switch over to Samplitude just to get the project done and out. So I guess I would like to know a “real” time table. Thanks in advance!

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So, its due in WL11 - see here (scroll to very bottom)

And, it is multi-CHANNEL file support, isn’t it - that’s what you mean, isn’t it…?

As for actually when.? Only one person can comment… :slight_smile:

Whatever the “naming” convention is MULTI_CHANNEL or MULTI-TRACK ( I guess it depends on your way of looking at it) YES! and it means being able to do it in the Edit window and not only in the Montage…I read the article and it is still a bit “iffy” as to when. We are only on 10.0.5 and WL 10 only came out when we reached WL 9.5.5. So it looks like we have a long way to go…