When assigned instruments have unexpected sounds on playback

I was looking for a decent “dead” bass drum sound (more like a drum set bass drum kick than a concert bass drum). I tried marching bass drums, but all the different marching bass drum sizes offered all have a concert bass drum sound.

perhaps you can run what you have through a compressor ?

The best available sounds for marching percussion that I’m aware of are from Tapspace Virtual Drumline.

Am I expecting too much from Dorico? I’m just trying to understand.

If I notate for a 12" marching bass drum, and then for an 18" marching bass drum, should I expect those to sound different on playback?

The clues are that the E in HSSE stands for “elements” and the O in HSO stands for “Orchestra”.

FWIW I don’t think the full version of Halion Sonic includes any marching band percussion, in any case.

OK. So, I guess I’m a bull in a china shop with this. I changed to symphonic orchestra and got some pretty odd assignments/sounds. I changed back to SE and now the assignments are largely all messed up. One might expect assignments to go back to what they were before. At this point, I don’t know whether :imp: or :blush: is in order. :frowning:

The HSSE template is really meant for Dorico Elements which doesn’t come with the HSO samples. In Dorico Pro, it’s there for compatibility i.e. if you open a score that was created in Elements and uses HSSE, you get the same playback in both Pro and Elements.

If you choose the HSSE template with Dorico Pro, I think you are just limiting the available sound choices, not gaining anything different.

I think I understand what you’re saying, but I created the score from scratch using Dorico Pro 3. I have HSSE and HSO installed. Dorico assigned instruments to HSSE.

You can set the default template for new scores with Edit / Preferences / Play / Default playback template.

You can change the sounds for a project with Play / Playback Template.

If you upgraded from Dorico 2 to 3, did you download and install the updated version of the sounds?

If you had any problems installing the software, the default template may have ended up as HSSE not HSSE+HSO.

If you were changing the sounds in the Halion player itself, that’s OK, except that Dorico then stops doing any automatic assignment of sounds, to avoid accidentally overwriting something you changed yourself. It might be a good idea to go to Play / Playback Template to reset everything.

Thanks for your thorough help. I’ll try your suggestions. I didn’t download the updated version of the sounds. I had read that that was unnecessary, however, after going back and looking at that post, I noticed that the comment was referencing specifically updating Dorico 3 to version 3.0.10.

I’m leaning toward trashing everything Dorico related (except my scores) and re-installing from scratch.

Regardless, don’t assume that HALion (either Symphony Orchestra or HSSE) is absolutely complete. For pitched instruments there are generally synthesized MIDI instruments that cover the whole range, but the sampled instruments don’t cover the whole range of instruments in Dorico’s instruments picker, and they don’t necessarily cover the whole pitch range of the instruments that are covered. For example, the sampled trumpet patch covers the lowest notes of the Trumpet in C, but not the more common Trumpet in Bb, and the Alto Flute instrument uses the regular Flute patch, which obviously won’t go low enough.

I theory, I would probably agree that you shouldn’t need to upgrade the sounds.

In practice, if your “Dorico 3” installation is different from the standard one (in whatever way) people trying to help you don’t know exactly what is different about your installation, so their advice might not be 100% relevant.

Aside from that, you paid for the new sound patches like the Olympus Choir when you upgraded, even if you don’t have any use for them right now, so you might as well install them!

To be clear: you should not expect them to sound different on playback if you are using the standard, supplied sounds. Dorico does not include dedicated sounds for every single instrument you can create in the program. If you need marching band sounds in particular, you should consider investing in a dedicated sound library that provides these sounds. The leading ones are the aforementioned Virtual Drumline, and Rumble (percussion) and Fanfare (brass) from Sample Logic.

Thanks for setting me straight, Daniel! :blush: If nothing else, I hope the information, and making an example of me and my naiveté, helps others as well! :wink:

Thanks for setting me straight, Daniel! :blush: If nothing else, I hope the information, and making an example of me and my naiveté, helps others as well! :wink:

P.S. Might it help other newcomers if I changed the thread topic to “assigned instruments sound different on playback”?

It might be helpful to be more specific now that the thread has panned out.

Wellll. Apparently there isn’t a way for me to edit the title of the post. May be this helps as part of the thread “Marching Bass Drum sounds?”

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