When can we expect a new update already?? At least for the simple stuff

Steinberg when can we expect a new update for Nuendo 8. I understand there is likely some big plans and additions planned for N8 that we are all excited about. however right now its not use able for me and not only because RX 6 isn;t working, as I found an okay workaround for it. There are broken features and things missing that I absolutely need. I had to resort to N7 to continue working unfortunately, i was hoping that another maintenance update would have been issued already and waiting patiently

Here is what I gathered for mandatory features that I need. Tested on both Windows 7 + 10 and with preferences refreshed.


  1. Reverse - BROKEN
  2. Silence - BROKEN
  3. Phase Reverse - BROKEN - this tool is a lot more useful than some may think


  1. Tail feature - which will add even if the clip doesn’t have any information
  2. pre + post crossfade wet/dry
  3. Wet/dry
  4. ability to batch process

AAF Not importing correctly from Premiere.

I’m sure there is more and of course I understand that every new version will come with some bugs especially from third party plug-ins. But the above stuff needs to work for Nuendo to remain use-able. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE just a simple maintenance fix to address some of the small stuff at least.


An update is apparently scheduled for September, so I assume this week.

Absolutely agree! Removing Batch Processing as though it never existed, without any prior notice is ridiculous. I would have waited to buy N8 had I known.


Based on the few posts relating to the 8.1 update, it appears that it will be issued sometime in the first half of October.


Agree with Timeline’s post, although RX should just work.

Very unsatisfying release and it takes ages to release bug fixes.
What’s the problem in Hamburg?

Here is to hoping Steinberg issue the maintenance update this week, the SB developers have been working away on.

Glad I have chosen to ignore N8 and work in N7 until all this insane chaos is resolved. If I weren’t so committed to various workstations hosting Nuendo and past projects that need opening, I would be seriously considering alternative DAWs.

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Totally agree with all you’ve said.

bump This is becoming increasingly frustrating. When will we get an update?

Since they are more into bringing an update for C9 and a major one for wavelab … well, looks like Nuendo users are just no worth it …
hate to say it, but i’m really thinking of reopening my PT-HD world … said to say - but, at least AVID seems to work with their customers…
in any other world - N8 customers would already got their money back!
All what we see and hear are rumors - it’s just horrible to see a good product is missmanaged that hard!

At least - face it and tell us whats happening. Talk to us - since we paid you already!
At least tell us you still interessted in us …

I tried to use PT so many times, I really tried to love it, but I could not even overcome first hurdles. I guess if you’ve learned it already it’s fine “going back”. But starting fresh with PT? I couldn’t get warm with it. So for audio post there’s not a lot of options. Maybe SB knows that. Maybe we should all get together and ask for a refund at the same time. Maybe this would send a message. If one does it, who cares. If 20 people do it, maybe?

Or if SB doesn’t look at this forum often, maybe we should really pester support? And call? Complain loudly? Because here they can ignore it. And they are.

Maybe we should start to comment in facebook. One thing they just will not ignore.
Hm, i mean, i really don’t like to go that road, but somehow i would like to see them react. The current way of beeing quiet is just to ignorant! I can’t even remember any other brand acting like that!
Again, just said!

Don’t get on the wrong track. I highly doubt that any developer at SB has nice holidays these days, and I am quite sure that they want 8.1 to fix almost any severe issue. If it’s not ready yet it’s not ready yet. Starting flame wars won’t help, they only throw a shadow that is not good for SB users. Don’t get me wrong, the status quo is actually somewhat unsatisfying. But:

You use Nuendo, and the more people use Nuendo the more developers can be employed, which will make Nuendo better for you. It’s that simple.

Some of you people are being ridiculous. It’s almost like a gaming forum.

The developers already gave you the expected release date for the next update, and even responded to some issues posted here. Everything else they could have said would be stating the obvious.

Also keep in mind that they’re also working on the final update for Nuendo 7 (with the new video engine) despite this version being far behind in terms of development compared to Nuendo 8 and Cubase 9.

Aha, one is ridiculous if one expect that a paid update does basic things right…

No, it’s stuff like planning facebook raids when there’s a big free update coming in just a few days that’s ridiculous. Did you even read the rest of the thread?

It means nothing that it’s free if the issue is fixing stuff that’s broken but paid for.

Thanks for adding to the discussion.