When can we expect an update for the Mac Version

It’s been over a year now since a new release of Wavelab. There are still many, many problems with it, continuous crashes and general instability.

Will there be another release, or should I look for an alternative? I am really tired of having to save every few steps because I know I am going to get a “Wavelab quit unexpectedly…” message at some point.

I am an experienced user of many versions of Wavelab. I like the 7 interface and work much quicker in it - but I really do need stability.

Steinberg can do it — Cubase is as solid as a rock.


They’ll probably charge us for a version 8.

BTW The new 64 bit Virsyn plugins almost blew my headphones before they crash - That was a good lesson for me to not use headphones again with EXPERIMENTAL software. It seems to be the trend that every developer has to do 10 revisions before their plugins work ok with Wavelab. GUI bugs, crashes e.t.c e.t.c. I agree 100% Wavelab Mac is a useless piece of shit even for me most amateur work! I would not accept this kind of instability even with Audacity, let alone a $500 software.

I’m with you, I think it’s generally fine but it still has some major bugs and annoying behaviors (like showing each rendered WAV file even when WL is not in focus)…Waves plugins causing crashes when removing them from master section sometimes and extreme lack of meta-data functions when rendering mp3s and WAV files that it could easily pull from the CD-Text info.

PG hinted that we’ll see a new version in the first part of 2013 but I wish I would have asked if we’d see it in the 1st quarter of 2013. I’m basically waiting for WL or DSP-Quatro to come up with and update and go with it. I’ve love to stick with Wavelab though, just needs a little attention now and then.

I actually would pay for a version 8 as long as it’s stable. I really, really don’t want to change - but it wastes such a lot of my time, I may have to.

I assume that WL 7 users will have to at least pay a small upgrade fee for V8, which is fine with me. I too just want something that is easy to work with. I don’t have crashes everyday, but definitely every other day. I’m learing when to expect them at least and always save save save.

I wonder if there is a way to beta test WL8?

I absolutely agree that WL7 is in desperate need of an update. There are some bugs that prevent any chance of an efficient workflow. In my case it is the loaded (but hidden) plug-ins in the master section that keep opening up all over the screen whenever I change between the Montage and Audio windows. It may not sound like a big deal, but when you have to individually close up to 10 plug-in GUIs at least 10 times every working day, it starts to drive you mad after a while.

I’m so glad it’s not just me. I’ve been using Wavelab since v3 when the DDP solution for it was £900 on top of the cost of the program. Having moved to Mac in 2007 I couldn’t wait for the Mac version to come out to stop me having to dual boot into XP on my Mac Pro. But honestly, I’ve been soooo disappointed. At first I though it was just a case of me getting used to it… but honestly… Regardless of the crashes even basic things like the way the mouse and keyboard respond in the programme are at times unusable. I’m here to today because Wavelab is having another day where it looses random mouse movements, button clicks and keyboard presses. I can click and drag to highlight a portion of the waveform except when I let go it acts as if I’m still holding down the button… Chaos ensues. Same for using plugins - I’ll click on one control to adjust it - but another control will actually move. I might be naming a file as I save it and certain letters won’t come out. It’s a complete nightmare. This is after a forced complete re-install after the weirdest behaviour last week - where all of the graphics of the plugins on my second monitor where corrupted - just the numbers, not the actual artwork - and I was unable to remove any plugins from the master section without the programme crashing. After many hours of trying to sort it the only solution was a complete delete and re-install. I too am at the point (as a professional mastering engineer) where I’m going to have to find a different solution… Does anyone know if it’s better behaved under Windows 7 (I couldn’t even think about entertaining Windows 8)??

I use the cut-down Wavelab Elements 7 and have had a lot of trouble under Windows 7; crashes, lock-ups, driver seizures, and so on have all variously occurred with depressing regularity.

I then recently got myself a new pc with Windows 8 x64, and had a great deal of trouble installing Elements 7 as documented a page or two back. Ultimately I got it working following significant additional hair-loss - albeit without the dedicated Steinberg patch for Windows 8 - and finally got to use it today for an extended period.

And it ran like a dream. Previously unstable soundcard drivers were now rock solid, no system crashes or those protracted hangs where you fear it is about to fall over, just a great tool to work with.

Your mileage may vary, but personally I’m over the moon!

WL7 works rock solid and snappy on Win7-64 and has done so since it came out.