When can we expect the next update and...

When can we expect the next update, and will those of us who’s free trial has expire, get another opertunity for a free trial with the new updates?

Last news from Daniel : mid february for the next update.

The next update, which will be version 1.0.30, will not allow people who have already had a trial version to get another 30-day trial period. We anticipate that the following update, which is planned to include chord symbols, will be issued in such a way that users can get a new trial period, but that will not be for some time, as work on chord symbols has only just begun.

Then please in the same vein make the crossgrade period longer.
Though very interested into Dorico I still did not install the demo because I absolutely need chords as well as drum notation for each of my work and I would like to try first how these things are implemented but it seems possible these features will come when the crossgrade period has ended.
BTW Steinberg could offer the crossgrade for an unlimited time :wink: