When can we expect to see N6.5?

I know, I know…Q3. But which part of Q3?

I recently upgraded my N3 license to N6 after a long stint with Cubase to see whether Nuendo was, in fact, superfluous for “music production.” I found I missed some of the features and some of the more subtle differences in interface. Cubase is a powerful DAW, no doubt…but Nuendo somehow just feels more refined (read: professional).

That said, I have several projects started in Cubase that I was ready to switch over to Nuendo. However, I’m assuming that because of the new feature set of C7.5, I am unable to open them with N6. Which brings me back to my original question: can we have some narrowed scope of when we might see N6.5? Which part of Q3 is it slated for release?

The part called “Q4”

September 30th, 2014 is my guess… :mrgreen:


When it’s ready and the 30th anniversary sale is out of the doors, but probably before Cubase 8.

Just a little bump for those that need to know.

Anyone at Steinberg, feel free to let us know.
Are we talking a few more weeks or months?


They are cutting them self some slack here. If they ment July, they would’ve said…

I have never experienced them using the first date, days, or weeks of an announced Qx release.

My guess is oct/nov.


Nuendo 6.5 will be available in July.


2014 ???


Will that include an update for the N6 Trial version?

I still have a little time remaining on the Trial version and would appreciate testing the update before jumping all the way into the water.

Thank you for your straight-forward answer.

That was totally unnecessary.


yes, definitely. We will have a new Nuendo 6.5 trial version available soon
after the Nuendo 6.5 release.


Thanks for the info!