When clips are superimposed, i just wanna cut the upper clip (like in the good old days..)

Hello community

I’ve been working for years on Nuendo 4, and when clips were superimposed, it was possible to cut only the upper clip (with Alt+left clic, or with the scissors).
Today, with CUBASE 10, it seems to be impossible : all clips are cuted at the same time, even when you select only the upper clip.
The scissors became SUPER-scissors… and it’s a mess in the edit… :blush:

Cannot find any option in the software preferences.

Does anyone have an idea (or regret it like me) ?

Thank you


Hi and welcome,

Unfortunately this is not possible. You always have to Split the Lane.

Please @Steinberg, make it back !

If i want all the clips to be cuted, I select them all.
If I just want the upper clip to be cuted, I just select that clip.

Would help a lot… really

I can not see what’s the benefit it the actual situation.

Thank you



The current implementation is useful for the comping use case. If you want to make “the perfect take”, you cut all the lanes at the same place. And the also from the “master”/top event, you can shift the cut of all events at once. So all cuts are perfectly in sync for the whole time.