When connecting interface, cubase doesn't produce sound

The interface i’m speaking of is a Tascam model 12. I also have a basic scarlett, with wich everything works as intended.
The tascam also only doesn’t work together with cubase, every other app or just my pc itslelve work fine with it.

So it’s definetly a problem within Cubase in regards to my tascam model 12.

Let me try to explain the problem.
When connecting the tascam as my interface, cubase just stops making sounds.
And i don’t mean that i simply can’t hear anything, i mean that even the db meters of already recorded audio or midi don’t show anything. Almost as if everything is muted, but nothing actually is.
(Also can’t hear the metronome btw)

I am also unable to record audio.
(Midi information works, but doesn’t make sound)
If i start to record on a track there is nothing showing up. Not even just an audioless recording…just nothing

I had this issue before and solved it by just turning asio guard off and on, but that doesn’t work anymore.

For what i can see all settings regarding the connection of the M12 and CB are correct.
The interface is shown as such and in and outputs are conntected as well.

Please help me cubase community, you are my only hope!

If you posted some screenshots then the folks trying to help you could also see how things are configured - just in case something got missed. And what versions of Cubase & OS are you using?

Are you saying the meters internal to Cubase stop showing any Audio activity solely based on which interface you are accessing? Since you mentioned ASIO Guard I’m assuming you are using ASIO drivers in both situations.