When Cubase 9.02

I’m still waiting on the tempo detection fix, becomes quite urgent now. when is 9.02 coming?

*9.0.20, but yes, I’m also anxiously awaiting the maintenance update.

No one knows, steinberg has lost the tempo.

Which are you referring to?

I’m waiting for them fixing the broken audio warp and the midi device import bug.

There are so many bad bugs I wouldnt be hopeful about them all being squished in 9.02.

The plugin limit on windows is personally a nightmare for me

The plugin limit will probably still take a while to be fully fixed. Try to use less different kinds of plugins in one project if you can.

Still using 8.5 waiting for them to fix the chord/variaudio note color issue. This is the first time i’ve ever had to wait for a fix after initial release. I guess you can say i’ve been one of the lucky ones. Been on Cubase since sx3. skipped 4 completely.

Plugin limit?

See here for more information: https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?p=597485#p597485

Lots of bugs, many long-standing, some new. GUI graphics glitches (on Mac at least), track heights still not being saved and recalled reliably, video service hanging on large project close, Expression Map chase bugs, the list goes on a long way…

I’ve been posting bug reports in the issues forum but they seem to be getting ignored. Steinberg used to be more on top of it, or am I crazy?

I have no idea why only 10 bugs were collected so far. It’s not encouraging.

I have no idea why only 10 bugs were collected so far. It’s not encouraging.

Just once, I’d love to see Steinberg go after bugs like the programmers for Logic Pro X just did on their latest release. As you keep scrolling, you’ll get the joke: Click Me


the next 9.0.10 update (9.0.1 is to be considered a hotfix for 9.0.0, so the next one is .10) will be out very, very soon.

The problem with collecting the reported bugs is that after a new release and with the holiday’s e-mail backlog is hard to keep up. Also, many issues are posted with no repro or are unclear and that does not really help - we tend to leave these topics in reports to gather more details and eventually log them, otherwise they are left in reports or moved to other sub-fora (these should actually be disapproved to keep things tidy…).

However, there are over 6200 tasks logged for Cubase 9, many of which cover issues not showing in ‘collected’ (yet?), so the 10 entries in the sub-forum are not really representative.

Thanks for the response. However, my bug reports and many like them do have clear reproducable steps, or even additional GIFs (Example report), yet they don’t ever seem to get moved to Collected. It looks like way less gets collected for this version without any change in report quality. Topics do get disapproved and sent to Miscellaneous if they don’t have reproduction steps.

If what you mean is that bug reports are collected in a way but it just isn’t visible, then consider just leaving a simple reply that it has been noted.

To give credit where credit is due: andreasm responded to my Reverence/Frequency bug reports and I’m thankful for that. I don’t demand any fixes right away, but acknowledgment of a report makes all the difference. Reporting issues correctly does take work, and we’re not on the Steinberg payroll here.

I see, but still, these posts need to be reproduced and reported. You might have noticed that there is not much man-power assigned to the forum these days.

There is indeed overlap between what the users report on the forum and what is found by us, beta testers and direct user reports.

Steve reported that issue on his own and is a moderator. So, once he verified the bug and created the issue in the system, he can move the thread to collected on his own.

We know it is not ideal, of course, just had a meeting yesterday to discuss how to manage / improve this.

Exactly - when we diligently uncover issues and go out of our busy schedule to report them (I’m always doing so right in the thick of things it seems) it’s a little disheartening to see them get no acknowledgment.

It’s good that you’re already discussing this, and seriously thanks for taking time to respond.

I have to stop short of actual QA work, but I don’t mind sending reports in other ways than the forum if that works better. Or if the system is choked up, I can not send them at all.

I’d think a better possibility might be a dedicated web form that nudges you towards clear reproduction steps, including system information and crash dumps. Maybe there could also be a public peer review system where other users are encouraged to formally +1 (making it sortable) when they can reproduce it.

Ehm, did I get it right, that SB now starts to discuss how to collect more effectively reported bugs from the Forum, which is from my point of view the best way to report bugs?

Holding my breath for a second… :astonished: :open_mouth: :blush:

We users with another language background already understood that for instance the German forum is quite left alone, so I at least had trust in this English forum to get things addressed and sorted out in short term.

For all people being so long with SB, this is a never ending story though…

And I can also say: using the MySteinberg way to report issues leads into a black whole (done that for my UR hardware and yeah…no response at all).

Now, I hope SB is not only focusing on new Halion and Sonic releases and not only offering new sound sets but also taking care to keep the Rolls well polished! :imp:

Thnx Fabio, can’t soon enough, having to resinstall 8.5 for tempo detection to work again, is just to much off a hassle.
How on earth could they break this?