When Cubase becomes High DPI, please allow steps in 25% increments and scale individually per screen

I’ve heard Cubase High DPI support is under development.

  • Please allow for steps like 100%, 125%, 150%, 175%, 200%, etc. like Windows 10, instead of just 100%, 150, 200% like Dorico for example.

  • Please use the Windows per-screen DPI information so different screens can have different scales. Example: display 1 has Project view at 125%, display 2 has MixConsole view at 150%.

If Steinberg are at all competent, they will be using a vector based UI thus any value from 100% -> 1000% eg 101% , 175.678% will be possible
If a program is imiting itself to only 100,150,200 smells of a rasterization semi-solution which is just a high DPI hack.

Dorico is “vector based” yet it doesn’t have UI scaling options between 100% and 150%.

Are you sure about that? I couldn’t find anything definitive but from a forum post I did find

Dorico’s user interface is fully high-DPI enabled on both OS X and Windows, and makes use of vector- and icon- based user interface elements, so it looks good at any size on any display.

Even if some parts are vector based if they’re using icon gfx, then it will be limited by the rasterized icon’s thus will only allow certain scalings eg 100% or 150%

Yeah I’m sure ahout that, and your quote doesn’t refute it. Every icon in the main UI is basically a font glyph.

Mate font’s are typically rasterized, not vectorized, thus you can only use what ever point size the rasterized font is at eg Arial 12pt, Arial 20pt and not Arial 13.54pt. Until Dorico or Cubase go to a full vector UI they will be forced to only allow certain scaling increments. I think FL Studio is a vector based UI

You’re wrong. Today, raster/bitmap fonts basically aren’t a thing anymore.