When cubase has slow load opening of plugins an instruments?

I feel like Cubase got a little sluggish with loading plugins and VST’s. Also feels a tad slower just opening the plugin interface on loaded plugins, anything I can look into ?

Thanks in advance!

You can try to enter Cubase in windows defender “exclude” processes. I noticed when looking at the Taskmanager when cubase 9 opening that at the same time defender was also very high CPU… Or maybe turn off realtime scanning as a option to try.

I keep defender off as i dont keep the machine online… I could be imagining it, i dont know lol.

I have 2 SSD’s (one for OS, one for Samples) and have the same issue with certain plugs. Anything Native Instruments, East West Play when loading Hollywood Strings are the biggest culprits.
It seems to me, that some sort of copy protection/verification is causing the delay. Native Instruments has it’s new “Native Access” and Play is on iLok2.
My issue is not the actual load time because once it starts, it’s lightning fast…it’s just the time it takes to actually start loading.