When do we get a precise manual?

Hi everybody and Steinberg Dorico employees,
it’s me again. I must admit that DORICO - even at this point of development - improves my workflow a lot compared to SIB :wink:

But: I’m tired of searching the videos or the forum for a special problem solution that matches my needs :frowning:

A precise manual will reduce the posts in the forum roundabout 80% - I’m sure!!!

If you need help, contact me…

Peter (former music, english and german teacher)

The documentation is coming along very well. We expect to publish a substantial update in English around the time of the next update’s release, though there will still be more for us to add. Our goal is to get the English documentation into a more or less complete form for the current capabilities of the software by the turn of the year, at which point we will update all of the translated versions and publish them as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience while we work on this.