When does cubase 8.5 comes out?

Does anyone knows when c8.5 is about to come out?


2nd December

Is that actually a date announced by Steinberg?

the last 3 releases have all come on the first Wednesday of December, so it’s a good bet that that will be the date this year.

And im sure 8.5 will support windows 10. Forcing us to upgrade…

You mean you need Win 10 more than Cubase 8.5? Full time producer?

Tell me please the Next cubase pro 8.5 release most likely will be out in the beginning of December?
or there could be some changes.

Thank you in advance

@ Winter rat - Well yes - Actually you do need Windows more than Cubase. Without windows Cubase wont run. Without Windows Ableton wont run. ProTools wont run. I have a few PC. On at studio that is still on Windows 7. One at home that is on Windows 10. Last time I checked it is my personal choice what OS I would like to run. If Steinberg decides not to support Windows 10 (with Cubase 8) I would stop supporting them as is also my right. Why should I not work on a better OS? Cubase 8 is not even a year old. I EXPECT support for Cubase 8.0 for a few years for all the windows versions that would come out in that term. Am I wrong to expect this for software I paid for?? You are more than welcome to stay in the past… Guess you are happy to pay for bug fixes (called updates or new version)


Am I crazy or did this guy just come in with a doomsday scenario out of nowhere that makes zero sense? Why would Steinberg releasing an OS update that’s compatible with W10 force an upgrade to W10?

I read it the other way…that if you want to run a Cubase version that is supported on the latest OS you would be forced to upgrade to 8.5 as 8.0.x versions have yet to be declared as fully compatible.

@ Rudi007

You’re right, I’m happy to pay for bug fixes. I want a bug free, rock solid, fast Cubase with friendly GUI and new useful features and no matter what OS (Win 7 or 8 or 8.1 or 10 or 10001) it runs. I have two computers and I can install MS Office on the other one. :laughing:

But to reassure you I must say that I’m absolutely sure that SB will make one more update for C8 to make it fully compatible with Win 10. Such patches are always free.

My guess is that there will be a free update of Cubase 8 that addresses the Windows 10 incompatibility before Cubase 8.5.

Quite a lot of under the hood features in Win10 regarding midi timing and processor core allocation that can be very useful for music software like Cubase. But leaving other Windows versions behind seems very unlikely.

Lately there is one Cubase update every three months, and last one had very short list. If C8.5 comes out in december, which is 2 months from now, there is very slim chance that there will be another update before C8.5. And if there is one, then I doubt that C8.5 will come out in december, they haven’t even made it supported for win10, and now new Apple OS is coming out on top, they have to fix that too. Taking into account how long it takes them to make C8 compatible with win10, there is hardly any chance of C8.5 coming out in december. Or it will be very weak upgrade not worth the price. It is just a bad year for Cubase, too many problems with new OSs. Maybe more luck next year.

You have heard that Steinberg is waiting for Microsoft correct some things in Windows 10, haven’t you?

Can’t beat up Steinberg too bad, if that’s the case.

Actually the Microsoft rep on Gearslutz has stated the issue is fixed at their end, so the balls in Steinberg’s court.

Good deal, I hadn’t heard that. Hopefully it will get straightened out soon.

AFAIK I thought that one of the issues was fixed at the MS side but there might be other issues.


Please avoid this kind of comments, there hasn’t been an official announcement, this is how rumours get started!

Nobody is forcing you to update your OS, neither your version of Cubase.

We do not recommend to update to Windows 10, although you are free to do so as well… but if you experience problems, well we recommended you to stay on your already stable platform.On the other hand, the timing issues mentioned on our website are not caused by us but by Microsoft, they have to fix it, and we are waiting on their update to recommend our users to update to Windows 10.

Microsoft has sent something, yes, but we still need to run some tests.

Best regards,

It seems to be more problem with new OSX version though. But if the beta is ready to chistmast sales we will probably buy it then, but it wont be useful until spring anyway.