When don't parts take track colours?

Hi folks,

I’m trying to better my colour game and I’ve noticed that in one particular project the track colour doesn’t impact the colour of the parts on that track, which seems odd. I’ve been through Prefs and the manual and I’m not seeing the solution, tho I"m sure it’s there somewhere.

Here’s an example. I’ve manually selected Default Color for all of the audio on these two tracks and they remain grey when they should be yellow. I can go and manually make them yellow, but that seems to miss the point:
Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 9.56.46 AM.png

Select ‘All on selected tracks’ and then colour it.

I think you’ve probably coloured those particular parts grey, so they’re staying grey when you try and colour the track.

I’d assign a key command to ‘all on selected tracks’ … use it all the time

Select all events in the project and set them to Default using the color palette. Then they will follow whatever color the track itself is set to.

This trips me up sometimes. I’ll set a track color and nothing will happen. Then I realize I have an event selected and it’s colored that. (kind of the opposite problem from yours)

If you never set the parts to a specific color, they will always assume the color of the track - even when you change the track color or move the part to a different color track. When you do set a part to a specific color Cubase assumes you want it that color for a reason and it won’t follow the track color. I always leave parts uncolored so they follow the track.

Just realized I hadn’t replied but thanks for the help, guys!