When duplicating a track and erasing previous media, Cubase won't record audio


I want to share a strange bug.

When I’m recording, let’s say, some backround voices, I create one track, put some plugins, and record it. When i’m done with this track, i use to duplicate it, erase the media (as it’s the same in the other track) and record it again. But when I am doing it, cubase can’t record, it says "pérdida de audio " (audio loss). The strange thing is that it can record ABOVE the old media without problem.
(i do the duplicate —> delete data with a macro, but as you will see, it also happens doing it manually)

The explanation is very confusing, so here’s a video example, i thing that if you read the text and see the video, you will understand the problem:

It’s pretty annoying as i have to copy all the plugins, and it’s very time confusing.

I have to say that doesn’t happen every time, only in 1 every two projects. The plugins also are not the cause, as I always use the same plugin chain for all my background voices.

Also, i give my specs, but i don’t think they have something to do with this:

Cubase 12.0.52, Focusrite 18i20, Ryzen 5 2600X, 24GB RAM , NVidia GT 750

After the dialog “loss of audio” appears and you click OK in it, can you then record on this track? Or does the dialog appear again?

Again, it’s like the track becomes “cursed”

I duplicate tracks, whose content I want to delete, with this macro (shamelessly copied from another user):

…and recording on the new track works just fine. Can you try to set up this macro and see how it goes? Can you record then?

Ooh, I need to shamelessly copy that macro for my own use!!

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I use exactly this macro (it’s on Cubase!)…


The original (English) message is: “Recording Error: Audio drop out detected.”

Now you can use Search to get some ideas.

I used it, but 99% of the messages regarding this error were latency/buffer size related. As you can read on my post, this seems a bug with specified workaround, as is not latency/buffer size related…

thanks for the answer anyways

Any thougts? this keeps happening.

today it happened, and i rebooted the system. It solved in a particular track, so it’s not plug-in or hardware related, it’s Cubase-related (or Windows¿?)