When editing audio part but want to see only selection?

How does one see on the chopped audio event in the audio editor? I dont want to see what i cut from it left and righ i just want to see the part i have cut? I know u can hit show audio event but it still shows the rest of the audio outside perforated lines?

Sounds like zoom level. Shift-F zooms to fit. Try that.

No thats not it, lets say you import a piece of audio and you cut out 4 bars of it of on the arrange screen, the part. Then you want to go into audio editor and make some fine adjustments, I just want to see that piece, not the pieces ive cut from it.

If you have “Show Audio Event” highlighted in the SampleEditor the material not used will be darker.
You could try selecting the piece in the arranger, and do a “Audio/Bounce Selection” and select Yes when it asks if You want to replace events.
But that (In My Opinion) makes it even harder to edit.

IIRC, it used to be the way im asking about right? back in sx days?