When editing notes while playing back, playback is catching the newly edited notes a bit late

Hello, I come from FL Studio, where the key editor is extremely snappy and responsive, and as much as I love everything about cubase, there is just one thing I am wondering, is it just me or is the key editor catching my real time “note editing” just a bit late ?
When I am editing notes while the loop is playing, it often miss the note I just edited if the playback head was a bit close to that note, and it plays the old note, until it loop back again and then it play the correct note

It’s a bit annoying, is this some sort of latency or what ?

Yes, it’s annoying. It used to be a lot faster and almost instant but since some years ago it became slower to this state. I remember reporting the same issue.
The timing of the change suggests it’s something to do with the asio guard, though the function is usually rec/monitor ready tracks are disabled automatically. We could try disabling it globally to see how it goes.