When export/print score/part as PDF the backgroundcolor should be adjustable

When creating parts or scores for pdf a background color should be possible to set and choose. Now a days iDevice are used to read the score from and a harsh black and white color set is not always perferrable…

Welcome to the forum, @hj_hubeek. If you use Read view in Dorico for iPad, you can control the background colour for each type of layout by changing the settings on the Colors page of Preferences.

Many PDF viewers have the ability to set the background colour.

In addition to the above, if your iPad screen looks too bright, it is also illuminating your face too much. I like to set the brightness just high enough to read clearly.

Yes Correct!
First as a longtime Finale user trying to adjust and learn… Thanks for the warm welcome and giving a response! Highly appreciated!
Concerning the backgroundcolors: But I have players with different pdf/readers/viewers… So exporting a pdf with a backed in background color would help a ton!
This is not a biggie, but would be nice!

It is possible to apply a background tint to a PDF. Or you could even apply a graphic image of a page background.

If you’re on a Mac, you can do this with Automator or Shortcuts.