When Exporting Tracks to a .wav file . .

When I am done with my multitrack creation and wish to export it as a .wav file, I ALWAYS have to shrink the window to reach the Export button.
It makes no difference if my monitors are set to normal or HiDPI mode – this doesn’t change. Can this be fixed so I don’t have to keep grabbing the top of the Export screen, shrink it, and move it up to reach that Export button?
This is as much of a no-brainer as my persistent request to bring the Zoom buttons back to the Cubase 7 format, rather than those tiny dots that are nearly impossible to grab.
I’ve been working with Cubase since the 3.7 VST version in 1999. Don’t make me have to switch DAWs.


If you meet the system requirements, the window fits to the screen.

Not in this case. And my machine (which I built from scratch) is no slouch.
Which specific system requirement are you referring to? Asking for a friend . . . heh heh.


See the System requirements down, please.

It’s not something I’ve seen on a hd or 4k monitor

Nothing out of the ordinary in the system requirements. This machine has an Intel i7 CPU with more than the minimum number of cores, 128GB of RAM, and I run HD video on two monitors.
What I don’t understand is, everything else shows perfectly every step of the way. It is only the Export Audio window that is larger than the screen (unless I grab the top of the window, shrink it and pull it upward to make the Export button visible).
It’s not a deal breaker – just annoying.


What about this:

Display resolution minimum at 100% UI scaling: 1440 x 900.