When I change the buffer size VST Live crashes

Hi Pleople, how are you?

Every time that I change the buffer size, VST Live crashes… How can I fix this?

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Jether Garotti Junior
Campinas - SP - Brazil

Hi, @Jether_Garotti_Junio,

do you have the VST Viewer inside your project when you are switching the buffer size? We have identified a crash which sounds like your one. A fix is on its way.

And could you please have a look here

Are there any files for vstlive? Can you share them with us?


Hi Michael, how are you?

Well I’m rookie in VST live and I really don’t know if I have VST Veiwer inside my project. Could you show me how to find it?

Here is the DiagnosticReport:
vstlive-2023-02-16-095605.ips (163.8 KB)

Hi @Jether_Garotti_Junio,

sorry, I missed that one. Thank you for your crash file. We’ve resolved and analysed it. It has crashed while processing on of your SENDS. The crash file also points to VST Live 1.1.41. Do you already updated to the official 1.1.50 version? Is it still crashing while changing your buffer size? Do you have a new crash file for me? Or is it running smooth now? Because we already done some fixes in that area.

VST Viewer is a free module. You can find out more here

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Hi Michael, how are you?

Weel, I did upgrade and the problems persisted. So I exclude VST folder form the plugins list and everything is fine now. I realized the problem is some VST plugins. So I’m using VST3 plugins only and everything is ok now. Thank you some much for your help. I’m sending the last crash diagnostic reports for your information ok? Best regards to you all…
vstlive-2023-02-21-080012.ips (72.9 KB)