When I change the tempo (BPM change)

Let’s say I have my marker at 61 (120 bpm) and the time is 2 minutes. Then I change the tempo to 60 bpm, and the computer automatically moves the cursor to the line 31, but the time is still 2 minutes…

I wonder if you can change the BPM so that the cursor remains at the rate of 61 (but the time change instead)


In general, there are two modes of every single track: Linear Mode and Musical Mode. In Cubase, the default settings is the Musical Mode, in Nuendo the default settings is the Linear Mode.

When the track is in the Musical Mode and you change the tempo. All Events starts are kept at the same Bars+Beats position, and the time changes. When the track is in the Linear Mode and you change the tempo, all events starts are kept at the same time position, and the Bars+Beats position changes.

You can switch the Mode for every single track independently in the Track Controls. The Musical Mode = orange note symbol. The Linear Mode = grey clock symbol.

I hope this is you are looking for.

I do not understand how to do this.
I use the instrument track, no audio tracks.

Can you see an orange button with Note symbol in the set of track buttons?

Looks like this:


I see, you are using Cubase Elements/LE/AI. The Musical time base is not part of these Cubase versions. Tracks are always in the Musical time base. So once you change the tempo, the bars+beats of the beginning of all events stay, is it was. The tim position changes.