When I delete a copied audio part, it deletes the original as well.....help!!!!

Hi, so I am doing a guitar heavy type tune, in my session I kike to double a track and chop parts out of the copied track so that it doubles up in some places and not in others.
This was always cool, lately, when ever I have deleted an event from the copied track, cubase deletes the original event as well, even if I have three doubled tracks, it will take three parts away… (and no they are not selected, if I highlight one, it highlights both)

I’ve messed aroungd with glue/bouncing to try figure out what I’ve done wrong…can anyone shine any light?

Thanks in advance.

I think you making “shared” copies. Search the manual for “shared copies” for more info but briefly, use the handle in the lower right to make “real” copies or the function on the menu “convert to real copy”.