When I launch Cubase 12 on windows 11, it changes settings of my sound card

I noticed that everytime I launch Cubase 12, it changes the clock rate of my Akai EIE pro soundcard to 44,1KHz. It has an annoying effect of slowing down audio files when played on other aplications (windows media player, spotify, youtube etc) because the soundcard no longer has a clock rate of 48 KHz as it should have. How can I fix this problem?

Thank you very much

How this behaves is largely a function of your sound card software, not of Cubase.

That being said, you can usually get to the right spot in the sound card software through Cubase: In the Audio Setup page, there is an ASIO Control Panel, which should let you configure the sample rate that the card uses. Set it to match whatever you want.

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The ASIO device sample rate changes automatically when opening a project in Cubase, so that they both match.
If Cubase is working fine, then I assume the sample rate of the device/driver did change properly, making @jwatte suggestion a bit needless, it’s still good to check though, but I don’t think the problem comes from here.

However, the sample rate of the channels in Windows should normally change automatically in the process.
If it doesn’t, then the issue is definitely the driver that fails to communicate with Windows, so you end with different sample rates between Windows and your device.
You may first look for options in your driver that can be related to linking the sample rate, afaik a few ASIO drivers have such features.
If you cannot find, then I suggest you to uninstall the driver entirely, go in Device Manager (show hidden devices) an remove anything related to your interface, mainly under audio devices and audio in/out, then restart your computer and reinstall the latest driver. You should do all of this with the device unplugged.

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Thanks, I’ll try that. Before I had a somewhat “solution”. I started to change all my projects to 48KHz, converting sample rates of waves.