When I rearrange order of flows I lose engraving changes

I have a songbook with 44 flows. I am methodically cleaning up the vertical/horz spacing. Occasionally I see the need to move a flow to a new location or add a page to accommodate facing pages. The result is that many songs down the line whose page number changes lose the formatting changes I’ve already made.

Is there any way to work around this?


Yeah, one Dorico project per song. :frowning:

Then finish it in InDesign.

Wellllllllll, that changes everything. I’ll push this version out the door as-is. These are home worship resources for our congregation members and parish groups. I will need to reorganize all of these song files and workflow and spend some time learning InDesign. I wish I’d asked this question a month ago. Crazy times.

Dan, I always appreciate the help you offer so freely on this forum and the fb group. I pray you and your family are staying healthy.

Thanks Kim! Same to you.

Yeah all my hymnal work seems to work best when I do one Dorico file per hymn. I thought about using flows, but there’s just too much at stake. Obviously I’m a massive Dorico nerd, but there’s just too much opportunity for manual adjustments to be lost. When it’s hundreds of pages, that sort of thing gives me nightmares. So InDesign gives me the flexibility to keep Dorico separate from final layout.

Obviously flows are a brilliant concept for many circumstances. Just not in this case for me.

Also, if you make updates to the Dorico file and export the PDF (overwriting the previous PDF), it’ll update in the InDesign file as well.